Take a look! Rachel S. Cordasco, fellow advocate for speculative fiction translation, interviewed me about my work on German author Karla Schmidt’s short fiction. And about translation in general.

The interview’s on her Speculative Fiction in Translation blog, so if you’re looking for non-English-original spec fic recs, you might want to poke around a little while you’re over there.

She hasn’t reviewed Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher novels yet, though. I don’t know, folks. How can you have not read the Witcher novels yet. (Go read the Witcher novels. Or–well. Read them if you don’t have any violence-induced triggers, because, while I love the novels dearly, they do include some of the grimdark  fantasy sexual violence tropes. In a lot of ways, they work to subvert some of those tropes, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still there.

On the plus side, they feature an extremely loyal, flawed but doing their true best for each other family-of-choice as their core characters, and one of the three leads is a young bi woman.)