ETA: As of the end of August, “Alone, on the Wind” is also available in an audio version read by Kate Baker.

I’m published! How strange.

After more than a year and a half working on German cross-genre author Karla Schmidt’s long short story “Alone, on the Wind,” it’s found a home at Clarkesworld!

So head on over and read it in the August 2016 issue.

In my ‘Oh, look, I’m published for the first time!” Oscar speech, I would like to thank:

  • Lisa Carter, Spanish<>English literary translator. Working as assistant editor for her website, Intralingo, for a year helped me gain the confidence necessary to seek out my first translation project.
  • ALTA, whose annual conference helped me meet other translators and go, hm, I think I could actually do this…
  • ELTNA, which helped me find others working in science fiction and genre translation.
  • Laura Christensen, author and French-to-English translator of fairy tales, who’s been a great Twitter friend and gave me fantastic feedback on my early draft.
  • Ri J. Turner, translator and FB friend, who *also* gave me fantastic draft feedback.
  • Meredeth, Japanese-to-English translator and Twitter friend, who *also also* gave me fantastic draft feedback.

Friends don’t let friends translate alone, folks. Go out there and find yourself some translation buddies. It’s worth the hunt!